Magnetic Name Badge

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Certificate: IATF16949, ISO9001:2015
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Delivery Time: 7-20 working days for samples /
20-30 working days for mass production
Main Transportation: Ocean, Air, Express Way
Min. Order: 100 Pieces

A magnetic name badge is a type of identification badge that utilizes magnets for attachment rather than traditional pins or clips. It typically consists of a plastic or metal frame that holds a printed or engraved nameplate, along with a magnetic attachment system on the back.

The magnetic attachment system usually involves one or more small, powerful magnets embedded within the badge, which securely adhere to a metal plate or disc worn beneath clothing. This allows the badge to be easily and securely attached to clothing without causing any damage, such as pinholes or snags.

Magnetic name badges offer several advantages over traditional badges with pins or clips. They are easier and quicker to attach and remove, reducing the risk of damage to clothing and eliminating the need for sharp pins or clips that can cause discomfort. Additionally, they provide a cleaner and more professional appearance, as they do not have visible attachment mechanisms.

These badges are commonly used in a variety of settings, including corporate offices, conferences, trade shows, retail stores, and hospitality industries. They are often customizable with company logos, employee names, job titles, and other relevant information, making them an effective tool for promoting brand identity and facilitating communication in professional environments.

Overall, magnetic name badges provide a convenient, secure, and professional solution for identifying individuals in various settings, while also offering customization options to suit specific organizational needs.

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